Dashboard - worldPing Events

The worldPing Events dashboard provides the raw log data returned from each probe. This dashboard can be filered by endpoint, probe, protocol and severity (OK + ERROR). Each time a probe reports an error, a record will be added, however OKs will only be added when a probe returns to an OK state.

The event dashboard is particularly useful for seeing the raw events reported from the probe.


  1. Template Variables: The template variables available to the Events dashboard are endpoint, probe, monitor type (also known as check type), and severity (OKs and Errors).
  2. Time: The time of reported state change.
  3. Endpoint: The endpoint related to the event.
  4. Probe: The probe reporting the event.
  5. Monitor Type: The monitor type (check) that the event is related to.
  6. Message: The raw message from sent from the probe.