Dashboard - worldPing: Endpoint Summary

The summary dashboard provide a top level view of a single endpoint, showing uptime percentages, error counts and response times per probe. If a check is not enabled, the message No Datapoints will appear.


  1. Uptime: The uptime values are the average ok_state over the selected time range.
  2. Errors: The error bars show the OK and Errors over the selected time range.
  3. Performance by check: The performance by check panels show data for selected probes, on a per probe basis, for the selected endpoint.
  4. No Data: When a check is not enabled on an endpoint and data does not exist for the selected time range, the panels will show No Data messages: N/A on SingleStat panels and No datapoints on graph panels. If you believe your check should have data, first be sure the proper time range is selected.
  5. Drill down: To view more detail on a check, click the drilldown icon to view associated dashboards. On click, the current variables and time range will be carried to the next dashboard.