Understanding Check Volume

How is check volume calculated?

Your worldPing plan is based on the number of checks performed in a given month, in millions.

Each check equals a single request being sent to your endpoint by a probe; checks are generated by both public and private probes. All check results are sent back to and stored on the worldPing hosted backend.

Your checks per month are available from both within the worldPing section of your Grafana.net profile as well as the worldPing Config within your Grafana app:

http://<grafana url>/plugins/raintank-worldping-app/edit/


How is check volume billed?

Your worldPing plan will include a set amount of checks per month, in millions, for a base recurring monthly cost. You will also have an overage rate for any checks consumed above your included level.

Your worldPing invoice, sent on the 1st of every month will pre-bill for the upcoming month at the committed rate as well as any overages from the previous month.

How can I reduce check volume?

Check volume can typically be reduced by adjusting either the check frequency or locations, on a per-monitor basis.

When configuring an endpoint, expand the configuration for a particular monitor. The estimated check volume for each monitor appears in the header row, and will update instantly when the configuration changes:


Questions about how checks are calculated or need some insight on a recent invoice? Email us at support@raintank.io