In worldPing, an endpoint is anything you’d like to monitor. If an endpoint is not publicly accessible, you may add Private Probes to reach endpoints behind your firewall or internal network.

Endpoint Auto-discover

The auto-discover functionality will attempt to contact your endpoint from the server and return sensible defaults for your configuration. Auto-discover will check DNS, Ping, HTTP and HTTPS. If HTTP and HTTPS are detected, only the HTTPS check will be enabled.

Monitoring Footprint

Dynamic Footprint

Dynamic footprints are selected on a per tag basis, and will always monitor your endpoint from all probes the selected tag group(s). As you add or remove probes from the tag group,

Static Footprint

A Static footprint will allow your monitoring footprint to remain the same, only monitoring from the specific individual probes. At the moment, there is no ability to bulk-update static footprints across multiple checks. If you have a number of checks & endpoints to update manually, please contact us and we can take care of it for you.