worldPing: Types of Checks


During auto-discover, we will attempt to determine the authoritative nameservers for the selected endpoint. The DNS check will then contact the first responding nameserver and upon successful connection, report an OK state. Once a the first listed nameserver successfully answers, the check is complete.

The collected stats for DNS are answers, time and TTL.


During auto-discover, we will verify that your endpoint allows ICMP checks, and configure sensible defaults for basic ping monitoring.

The collected stats for Ping are avg, loss, min, max, mean, and mdev.


During auto-discover, we will parse the path and port information and look for a successful connection to your endpoint. For Content Match, only regexp is supported. For full details of capabilities, refer to the great resource at:

The collected stats for web checks HTTP and HTTPS are connect, data length, DNS, recv, send, status code, throughput, total, and wait.