global application performance at-a-glance.

what’s coming down the pipe?

worldPing is currently in alpha. We have a lot on our backlogs, but here are some of the things we’re focusing on that we’re particularly excited about.

1. Synthetic browser

We will be revamping the HTTP and HTTPS checks to optionally use a synthetic browser. This will provide much more relevant and interesting data, including Javascript execution time and third party dependencies. We are also looking at integrating to provide performance best practices.

2. Real User Monitoring

worldPing is great for providing a noise-free signal from backbone locations around the world. But what about real users on actual last mile or mobile networks? worldPing will soon measure response times from customers actual browsers and networks, allowing for a complimentary perspective.

3. Alerting

The beta release of worldPing brings a proof of concept alerting engine within Grafana that is powered by Bosun and currently purpose built for the worldPing use-case. Currently, alerting is only available for downtime and not slowdowns. We plan on improving this alerting engine and bringing it into upstream Grafana.

What do you want to see? Email us and let us know.