global application performance at-a-glance.

frequently asked questions (answers also included).

I still don’t get it. Can you give me an example?

Let’s say you run an e-commerce application. You can use worldPing to get a real-time view of its performance and availability. As often as every 10 seconds, worldPing will test your application from dozens of Probes around the world in the markets that are important to you. worldPing will alert you in real-time if there are any outages or slow-downs, and help you keep track of your performance, and even compare them to your competitors. When you have a problem, worldPing will send you a high quality and speedy alert. It also helps triage by pinpointing the problem to a particular region or part of your stack. It does all of this via external probes; you don’t have to install or configure any software or agents.

Which protocols does worldPing support?

worldPing can test, store, visualize, and alert on the following protocols about your endpoint:

  • Ping uptime and performance (eg. latency, loss, jitter)
  • DNS uptime and performance (eg. latency, responses)
  • HTTP(s) uptime and performance
You can configure each endpoint to your exact needs, but we will autosuggest protocols based on what we can probe.

Is worldPing open-source?

Absolutely. Everything we do at raintank is open-source. worldPing is provided under a permissive Apache license, just like Grafana. You can run it on-premise, or in the cloud as an OpenSaaS service that is fully supported by raintank. We believe all infrastructure software is destined to be open-source. worldPing allows you to avoid lock-in and take back control of your data destiny.

Why should I use worldPing? How is it different?

The network performance monitoring space is certainly crowded. There are a wealth of players from the low-end (eg. Pingdom) to the high-end (eg. Catchpoint, ThousandEyes). worldPing is our vision of how NPM should be done, but we believe it’s more important to get a “big picture” of your infrastructure that brings information from different parts of your stack together. Since worldPing is built on top of Grafana, you can add your existing data sources and visualize and alert on your existing data side-by-side with worldPing. It’s a great way to easily get started with Grafana. Raintank will be announcing additional integrations that will bring in other parts of your stack together under a common platform. You can test your application as often as every 10 seconds from dozens of Probes around the world. This means you can catch micro-outages that might not otherwise show up, be alerted much faster, and troubleshoot in real-time. This kind of resolution and metric volume would normally cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month with other providers.

I don’t want to use the UI. I need to automate. Do you have an API?

Of course! We have a fully featured HTTP API. Anything that you can do through the UI you can also do through the API. Many worldPing users have a central “source of truth” and our API makes it easy to integrate with. View our API docs at

What’s next for worldPing?

worldPing is under active development, and is being shaped by your feedback and suggestions. For more information, check out our roadmap