Section: Endpoints

Understanding Check Volume

How is check volume calculated? Your worldPing plan is based on the number of checks performed in a given month, in millions. Each check equals a single request being sent to your endpoint by a probe; checks are generated by both public and private probes. All check results are sent back to and stored on the worldPing hosted backend. Your checks per month are available from both within the worldPing section of your Grafana.


In worldPing, an endpoint is anything you’d like to monitor. If an endpoint is not publicly accessible, you may add Private Probes to reach endpoints behind your firewall or internal network. Endpoint Auto-discover The auto-discover functionality will attempt to contact your endpoint from the server and return sensible defaults for your configuration. Auto-discover will check DNS, Ping, HTTP and HTTPS. If HTTP and HTTPS are detected, only the HTTPS check will be enabled.


The free version of worldPing includes 3 endpoints and 3 private probes. Visit our pricing page for the most up to date information.

worldPing: Types of Checks

DNS During auto-discover, we will attempt to determine the authoritative nameservers for the selected endpoint. The DNS check will then contact the first responding nameserver and upon successful connection, report an OK state. Once a the first listed nameserver successfully answers, the check is complete. The collected stats for DNS are answers, time and TTL. Ping During auto-discover, we will verify that your endpoint allows ICMP checks, and configure sensible defaults for basic ping monitoring.