worldPing Pricing

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worldPing bills by how many checks you use in a month. Simple.

That's great, but how many checks will I use?

Most Popular
Free Basic Custom
1 million 5 million Infinity Checks
Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes
Limited to ThreeLimited to 3 UnlimitedUnlimited UnlimitedUnlimited
None includedNone Included UnlimitedUnlimited UnlimitedUnlimited



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How are overages billed?
5 Million - 20 Million checks per month: +$25 per Million
20 Million - 100 Million checks per month: +$20 per Million
Over 100 Million checks per month: You should be on a custom plan. Contact us

worldPing is available exclusively through

Download and install worldPing directly into your existing on-prem Grafana instance. Getting started is always free, upgrade at any time.

"Using a combination of worldPing public probes, and private probes deployed at dozens of client sites, we are provided with an impressive level of insight into the performance of our network from around the globe."

Adam Rothschild
Co-Founder & Senior Vice President of Infrastructure, Packet Host, Inc.

How many checks will I use?

We will be monitoring endpoints for from locations around the world, every seconds.
  • Recommended Plan: Medium
  • Unlimited Endpoints, Unlimited Private Probes
  • Base Price: $89/mo includes 10 Million checks
  • Overages: +2M at $13 per Million per month.

Estimated Monthly Cost:

$203 / month