OpenSaaS Network Performance Monitoring
from the team behind Grafana.

We’re proud to announce raintank’s first open source plugin, worldPing network performance monitoring. worldPing, which can also plug into your existing Grafana, continually tests, stores and alerts on the global performance and uptime of your Internet applications.

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global monitoring

global footprint

Monitor your site's or app's performance from all over the planet, across different networks and carriers.

dynamic dashboards

dynamic dashboards

Leverage Grafana’s leading visualization capabilities to create the perfect view that brings it all together.

intelligent alerting

intelligent alerting

Sit back and relax, we’ll let you know when you experience a problem, and won’t annoy you with false positives.

worldPing is just the first chapter of the story.
the future is beautiful, powerful and 100% open source.

litmus dashboard

a picture that’s right for you

raintank is the company behind Grafana, the world's leading open source visualization software for measurement data. Bring in your other data sources and use its leading capabilities to create that perfect view.

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open source

100% open source

we believe that just like infrastructure software, open source is going to win for monitoring. worldPing is 100% open source. Take back control of your data destiny, and avoid lock-in. You always own the raw data.

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open source

bring all your data together

Already have Graphite? OpenTSDB? InfluxDB? Through you can visualize, share, scale and protect your time series data, no matter where it lives. Take back control and get a unified view of what's going on.

I want Control of my Data


collaborate with anyone

worldPing makes it easy to share your data with your team, partners, or the world. Take a snapshot for sharing panels and dashboards with anyone, giving them access to the specific data that you want.

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litmus dashboard

understand your global performance

worlPing, our first plugin allows you to monitor the data quality of any web app from all over the world, even inside your own datacenter. Keep your users happy by finding and fixing problems fast.

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worldPing will reach end-of-life on April 1, 2021

The good news is that everything you love about worldPing is now available with the synthetic monitoring feature in Grafana Cloud.

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